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Q9P1A4*    Sequence
General Information
Official NamePECR
Cross ReferenceAF119841
GO00:fatty acid metabolism (TAS)
DescriptionPRO1004. (157 aa) (Reference: 1)
SPD Annotation
Rank2:Possible secreted protein matched by either Sig-HMM or Psort
SPD Cross-Reference                          
DatabaseNo match in other related database with such a cutoff: 0.9
Protein Family
Family_id: 35541. Q9NRD4 Peroxisomal trans 2-enoyl CoA reductase (EC (Peroxisomal trans 2-enoyl CoA reductase, putative short chain alcohol dehydrogenase). ( PECR 2 human ) Spd
2. Q9NY60 Alcohol dehydrogenase, short chain. ( N/A 2 human ) Spd
3. Q9P1A4 PRO1004. ( PECR 2 human ) Spd
4. 10093954 Sporulation protein SPS19 (Sporulation-specific protein SPX19). ( peroxisome Saccharomyces cerevisiae . ) Subloc
5. 10112091 Cis-1,2-dihydroxycyclohexa-3,5-diene-1-carboxylate dehydrogenase (EC (cis-1,2-dihydroxy-3,4-cyclohexadiene-1-carboxylate dehydrogenase) (2-hydro-1,2-dihydroxybenzoate dehydrogenase) (DHB dehydrogenase). ( extrachromosomal DNA Pseudomonas putida. ) Subloc
6. Hs2_31919_28_4_1 Hpp
7. gi_14734793_ref_XP_046673.1_ Hpp

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