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Q9H4C8    Sequence
General Information
Official NameELSPBP1
Cross ReferenceAJ278478
DescriptionEpididymal secretory protein (E12). (220 aa) (Reference: 1)
SPD Annotation
Rank2:Possible secreted protein matched by either Sig-HMM or Psort
Homolog ClusterPossible redundancy or paralogs:
SPD Cross-Reference                          
DatabaseNo match in other related database with such a cutoff: 0.9
Protein Family
Family_id: 25131. Q96BH3 Epididymal sperm binding protein 1. ( N/A 2 human ) Spd
2. Q96RT0 Seminal plasma protein-like protein. ( ELSPBP1 2 human ) Spd
3. Q9H4C8 Epididymal secretory protein (E12). ( ELSPBP1 2 human ) Spd
4. SFP1_BOVIN Seminal plasma protein PDC-109 precursor (Seminal vesicle secretory protein 109) (SVSP109) (BSP-A1 and BSP-A2).  Vertebrate
5. PB1_PIG Seminal plasma protein pB1 precursor (pAIF-1) (DQH protein).  Vertebrate
6. SP1_HORSE Seminal plasma protein HSP-1.  Vertebrate
7. SFP3_BOVIN Seminal plasma protein A3 precursor (BSP-A3).  Vertebrate
8. SFP4_BOVIN Seminal plasma protein BSP-30 kDa precursor (BSP-30K).  Vertebrate
9. IPI_IPI00059948 Hpp
10. gi_14760278_ref_XP_049922.1_ Hpp

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