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Q9H3R7*    Sequence
General Information
Official NameDKK2
Cross ReferenceAB033941
DescriptionDickkopf-2 variant. (188 aa) (Reference: 2)
SPD Annotation
Rank1:Possible secreted protein matched by both Sig-HMM and Psort
SPD Cross-Reference                          
GoDKK2_HUMAN  (Dickkopf related protein-2 precursor (Dkk-2) (Dickkopf-2) (hDkk-2) (UNQ682/PRO1316).)
Protein Family
Family_id: 16561. DKK2_HUMAN Dickkopf related protein-2 precursor (Dkk-2) (Dickkopf-2) (hDkk-2). ( DKK2 0 human ) Spd Go
2. nm_020265 Mus musculus dickkopf homolog 2 (Xenopus laevis) (Dkk2), mRNA. ( Dkk2 2 mouse ) Spd
3. DKK2_MOUSE Dickkopf related protein-2 precursor (Dkk-2) (Dickkopf-2) (mDkk-2). ( Dkk2 0 mouse ) Spd
4. ENSRNOP00000015117( N/A 1 rat ) Spd
5. Q9H3R7 Dickkopf-2 variant. ( DKK2 1 human ) Spd
6. PA7580 Domain ATP_GTP_A  Riken
7. ay358414 Other Secreted Proteins  Spdi
8. 10024635 Dickkopf related protein-2 precursor (Dkk-2) (Dickkopf-2) (hDkk-2). ( extracellular space Homo sapiens . ) Subloc
9. IPI_IPI00030773 Hpp
10. IPI_IPI00002779 Hpp
11. gi_12730874_ref_XP_003612.2_ Hpp
12. gi_14734449_ref_XP_052646.1_ Hpp
13. gi_14734454_ref_XP_052645.1_ Hpp

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