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Q969N2*    Sequence
General Information
Official NamePIGT
DescriptionPhosphatidyl inositol glycan class T precursor (DJ453C12.7) (Hypothetical protein PLACE1010330). (578 aa) (Reference: 0)
SPD Annotation
Rank1:Possible secreted protein matched by both Sig-HMM and Psort
SPD Cross-Reference                          
Hppgi_14771187_ref_XP_029858.1_  gi_14771191_ref_XP_009533.3_  Hs20_11519_28_118_1  
IPI_IPI00028785  IPI_IPI00028787  IPI_IPI00056441  
Spdiay358588  (: )
Protein Family
Family_id: 24471. Q969N2 Phosphatidyl inositol glycan class T precursor (DJ453C12.7) (Hypothetical protein PLACE1010330). ( PIGT 1 human ) Spd
2. ay358588 Other Transmembrane Proteins  Spdi
3. 10123179 Hypothetical 67.8 kDa protein in IKI1-ERG9 intergenic region. ( integral to membrane Saccharomyces cerevisiae . ) Subloc
4. gi_14771187_ref_XP_029858.1_ Hpp
5. JGI_4843 Hpp
6. IPI_IPI00056441 Hpp
7. IPI_IPI00028787 Hpp
8. IPI_IPI00028785 Hpp
9. Hs20_11519_28_118_1 Hpp
10. gi_14771191_ref_XP_009533.3_ Hpp

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