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Q8IV24*    Sequence
General Information
Official NameBC035680
Cross ReferenceBC035680
DescriptionHypothetical protein. (275 aa) (Reference: 1)
SPD Annotation
Rank1:Possible secreted protein matched by both Sig-HMM and Psort
SPD Cross-Reference                          
Subloc10098985  P01848 T-cell receptor alpha chain C region. (integral to plasma membrane)
Protein Family
Family_id: 58061. Q8IV24 Hypothetical protein. ( BC035680 1 human ) Spd
2. Q8WUD0 Hypothetical protein. ( BC020840 1 human ) Spd
3. 10098985 T-cell receptor alpha chain C region. ( integral to plasma membrane Homo sapiens . ) Subloc
4. 10098986 T-cell receptor alpha chain C region. ( integral to membrane Mus musculus . ) Subloc

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