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Q86WB8    Sequence
General Information
Official NameAB094146
Cross ReferenceAB094146
DescriptionSecretory isoform of TSLC-1. (333 aa) (Reference: 1)
SPD Annotation
Rank1:Possible secreted protein matched by both Sig-HMM and Psort
Homolog ClusterPossible orthologs:
SPD Cross-Reference                          
GoQ7TNL1  (Nectin-like molecule 2.)
Q8K3T6  (Synaptic cell adhesion molecule 1.)
Q8R4L1  (Tumor suprressor in lung cancer 1.)
Q8R5M8  (RA175.)
Q9D6E7  (Mus musculus adult male hippocampus cDNA, RIKEN full-length enriched library, clone:2900073G06 product:immunoglobulin superfamily, member 4, full insert sequence.)
Q9QYL3  (Adhesion protein RA175N.)
Q9QYL4  (Adhesion protein RA175C.)
Q9QYL5  (Adhesion protein RA175B.)
Q9QYL6  (Adhesion protein RA175A.)
Q9Z2H8  (Nectin-like protein 2.)
Spdiay358334  (: )
Protein Family
Family_id: 10581. Q9D6E7 2900073G06Rik protein. ( Igsf4a 2 mouse ) Spd Go
2. Q86WB8 Secretory isoform of TSLC-1. ( AB094146 1 human ) Spd
3. Q80VG4 A secretion form of SgIGSF/TSLC1. ( AB092414 1 mouse ) Spd
4. ay358334 Other Immunoglobulin Superfamily  Spdi
5. Q9QYL3 Adhesion protein RA175N.  Go
6. Q9QYL4 Adhesion protein RA175C.  Go
7. Q9QYL5 Adhesion protein RA175B.  Go
8. Q9QYL6 Adhesion protein RA175A.  Go
9. Q9Z2H8 Nectin-like protein 2.  Go
10. Q8R5M8 RA175.  Go
11. Q8R4L1 Tumor suprressor in lung cancer 1.  Go
12. Q8K3T6 Synaptic cell adhesion molecule 1.  Go
13. Q7TNL1 Nectin-like molecule 2.  Go
14. JGI_915 Hpp
15. JGI_30284 Hpp
16. JGI_25278 Hpp
17. IPI_IPI00021318 Hpp
18. IPI_IPI00003813 Hpp
19. Hs19_11423_28_13_3 Hpp

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