SPD Home Page
SPD Home Page
  • Thank you for your interest using this database. Due to the limited resource, the SPD database has not been updated since July 06, 2006.

Secreted protein means the protein which is secreted outside of cell membrane. Because they are presented within the extracellular space, they are often accessible to various drug delivery mechanisms. Based on a bioinformatic pipeline and manual check, we have developed a collection of secreted proteins from Human, Mouse and Rat proteomes, which includes sequences from SwissProt, Trembl, Ensembl and Refseq. Such a collection is named as SPD, Secreted Protein Database.

The 18152 entries were classified into fourteen functional categories, including "apolipoprotein", "cytokine", "protease", "toxin", etc. To make the dataset more comprehensive, nine related datasets were also collected, such as SPDI, Riken mouse secretome, SwissProt vertebrate secreted proteins, SubLoc etc.

SPD web interface includes five modules:
  • Browse: browse SPD proteins according to chromosomes and functional classification or GO assignments.
  • Search: search protein of interest via protein ID, keywords, description or sequence.
  • Download: download SPD sequences.
  • Data statistics: how many data does SPD contain in each special division?
  • Help: Frequently asked questions abort SPD, including SPD construction pipeline, introduction of protein entry display page, etc.

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